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HPC AIRCENTER Rotary Screw Compressors

Space-saving, efficient compressed air production - with FAD up to 88.3 cfm (2.5 m³/min)

No matter whether for a smaller business where space is at a premium, or a larger business requiring a decentralised compressed air supply, HPC's compact AIRCENTER systems are the perfect choice for an efficient and environmentally-friendly source of quality compressed air. With a minimal footprint of approximately 1m², these energy saving systems are available for FADs from 12 to 88.3 cfm (0.34 to 2.5 m³/min) at 8 bar and also provide application-specific compressed air treatment and storage.

All AIRCENTER models are characterised by their exceptional efficiency and there are now new versions of the two largest models, the AIRCENTER 22 (11 kW) and the AIRCENTER 25 (15 kW). At the heart of these systems lies an optimised SK series rotary screw compressor from HPC. With a maximum FAD of 88.3 cfm (2.5 m³/min) (at 8 bar) these new SK models deliver up to 11 and 14 percent more compressed air, respectively, than their predecessors. This impressive performance boost has been achieved both through airend optimisation and the minimisation of internal pressure losses.

The space-saving combination of a compressor, a thermally shielded refrigeration dryer and an underslung 350-l air receiver provides dependable and efficient compressed air production, treatment and storage within a single unit. As you might expect from a leading compressed air system provider such as HPC, these versatile units can also be equipped with air filters as required. The AIRCENTER 22 and AIRCENTER 25 are also available with an integrated frequency converter ("Sigma Frequency Control" - SFC) for applications where speed control is an advantage.

Covering a free air delivery range from 12 to 88.3 cfm (at 8 bar), HPC's AIRCENTER series models provide dependable and efficient compressed air production, treatment and storage within a single compact unit (AIRCENTER 22 shown in images).

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