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SAM 4.0 Master Controller


With rising energy costs, the emphasis on efficiency has continued to grow at a rapid pace.

For systems utilising multiple air compressors introducing a compressed air management system, such as the SIGMA Air Manager (SAM 4.0), can significantly improve air compressor efficiency and thus reduce running costs - often resulting in very short pay-back periods. 

Utilising the latest master control and web server technology, the SAM 4.0 compressor controller is an invaluable tool for ensuring optimised air system availability and energy efficiency. 

Service and support 

Kingsdown Compressed Air Systems provide full service and technical support for master controllers,  included as standard within our service plans.

Technical details

Capability Up to 16 compressors
Technology 3-D Advanced Control
Manufacturer Origin Germany
Flow Rate Control Optional
Operating Data Memory 1 Year

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