Pipework & System Installation

Kingsdown Compressed Air Systems have over 30 years’ experience as a pipework system installer serving a full range of industry, from automotive to large-scale manufacturing. 

We install pipework for compressed air, vacuum, oil, water and inert low pressure gas such as Nitrogen.

To continue to meet the requirements throughout various industries we utilise various pipework materials but only from leading manufacturers.

From alterations within existing pipework, to a new complete turnkey system we start the process with an in-depth site visit to fully understand the system requirements.

Multiple fluids

Pipework installation for compressed air, vacuum, oil, water and inert, low pressure gas such as Nitrogen.

Material selection

Installation capability for various materials; galvanised steel up to 3",  high-flow aluminium up to 250 mm

Plant room planning

Expert technical advice is on hand for plant room planning and design which takes into account additional factors such as existing equipment.

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