Your air compressor service engineers

We provide a comprehensive service that covers servicing air compressors and compressor repair, to supply of genuine spare parts. For all makes and models, including ancillary equipment and across all types of industry.

Our full range of services for air compressor users extends far to assist our customers on everything needed to keep a compressed air system in good operational condition.

If your operation depends on a fully functioning compressed air system then choose Kingsdown Compressed Air Systems. We are the best equipped regional service provider and easy to start working with.

You can read more below about our specific services, or feel free to make an enquiry with our team.

Air Compressor Servicing

We keep your air compressor at peak performance. As specialist compressed air engineers, our service extends to downstream equipment; refrigerant and desiccant air dryers, filtration and condensate management systems.

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Air Quality Testing

For breathing air applications, stay safe and compliant with our period testing schedules. Kingsdown Compressed Air Systems' trained engineers are able to conduct simple and accurate air quality testing at the point of use with Safe-Air-Testers.

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Parts Supply

We supply a diverse range of air compressor parts and service consumables which can be shipped direct to you. 

All makes are covered and we provide competitive prices.

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